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BulkSMS Portal Features:
Robust Bulk SMS Panel plus VoiceSMS and Text-To-Speech functionality.
DND Management Option.
Real Time Delivery Reports access and Download.
Online Payment System: With our sms portal users can buy sms with ATM Card.


Why Are So Many SMART Individuals venturing into BulkSMS Business?

In a world of 7 billion people we have about 6.8 million mobile phones.

Every month, about N5 Billion Naira worth of SMS is sent in Nigeria.

Almost every businesses are turning to mobile marketing for survival.

The income is consistent because the service is used on daily basis.

Turn your existing website into a Mobile Marketing website with Our Ogbonge BulkSMS Portal Builder and start making money in 5mins.
No programming knowledge required.


Dear successful mobile marketer to be,



I want to welcome you formally to my website and In The next 5 minutes, I am going to show you one of the best ways to make money online in Nigeria. If you are thinking of starting a profitable Bulk SMS business in Nigeria. Then you should pay attention to this important message.

When people talk about making money online, it all boils down to FREEDOM.

You cannot have FREEDOM when you work for others

But when you have your own online empire, a cash generating system like a bulk sms portal. You will be able to have The FREEDOM to decide how to spend your day, when to get up in the morning, and do what you want to do – when you want to do it.

That’s the type of Freedom I enjoy and that’s the freedom I want you to have. So I decided to reveal this system to you. A system that can get you closer to that FREEDOM…..In just few hours! Such a BIG claim.

The few hours is the time you need to make a decision to venture into this new online business opportunity.


If you want to build an online business that sells…Here is the sure fire niche no one is telling you about. You too can start your own bulk sms business and easily generate a six figure income online monthly like I do. Even if you don’t know how to use a mobile phone and I’ll prove that to you shortly….

Here Is How It Works

Bulk sms is a service that enables you to send customized sms to several individuals/groups at a time from the web.

Have you ever gotten a message from your bank, Mtn, Glo, Airtel, Church or political aspirants and when the message enters, instead of seeing a phone number or a number that you know from your phone, you will see Ecobank, Oceanic or Mtn?

The business involves sending customized sms to over a million number of people at the click of your MOUSE.

You earn in thousands. This service is being used by Schools, NGOs, Politicians, etc. for dissemination of information or product launch.

It is guaranteed of making you at least 300k richer monthly and you will continue to make money because your customer base will continue to increase. I will also teach you how to increase your customer base daily like my own bulk sms company , www.kudisms.net is doing.


Here Are Some Statistics…

  • Over 10 Billion SMS messages are sent by Nigerians in Every year.
  • Many Nigerians are moving from phone messaging to bulk SMS especially small businesses as this is Cheaper for them
  • With the Reforms in the telecom Industry in Nigeria, More than 40 million Nigerians use GSM phones and the number increases at an alarming rate daily
  • The average Nigerian sends about 5 sms per day. Calculating That (with conservative estimates) if half of the 40million Nigerians mentioned above send just two SMS per day at N4.00, That would be 20,000,000 x N4 * 2= N160,000,000!!! (One Hundred and sixty Million Naira per day) which equals over 4 billion Naira per month

I can almost hear the engines in your brain moving frantically trying to process the figures above, but the question Now is,


Right now- As you read, there are thousands of Individuals planning weddings and other events and an appreciable number of businesses looking for a cheaper but more effective way to advertise their services

Apart from that, there are so many Individuals who have access to the internet and are sick of spending N4 – N15 per text on their phones


If you do not always P.O.O.R (Pass Over Opportunities Repeatedly), you would realize by now that there is a VERY YAWNING gap to be filled in providers of this service!!!

For So many Years Now, the Bulk SMS Business has been owned and Run by a privileged few who closely hoarded the secrets of starting up and placed so many obstacles to entry for Newcomers. The Few who allowed others to come into the business set up highly restrictive reseller systems where everything was practically owned by the company and clients where hardly given a say on management and operation of their websites

But all that is about to come to an end right now:

O-ONE CONCEPTZ has been in the Mobile Marketing field for the Past 6 years.

After several disappointing experiences with various Bulk SMS components and providers, we went into research and developed this custome Bulk SMS Application. After getting so MANY requests for our Reseller Package, we decided to come out with this


Our Robust and User-Friendly Platform can be tested at our Sample website which we have created at www.kudisms.net

Features of Our SMS Portal

The BulkSMS Portal we develop for our clients has the widest
selection of features of ensure they stay competitive in the market…

  • A fully branded website
  • Delivery reports(Real Time)
  • Unique price settings
  • SMS Panel
  • Download Delivery Reports
  • In-built Referral System
  • Robocall Panel
  • Online Payment With ATM
  • Number Extractor
  • Personalised SMS
  • PhoneBook to store contacts
  • 100% User Friendly
What Are You Waiting For? Let’s Set Up Your SMS Portal!
Our Reseller Package comes in two categories

1. Non-hosted (i.e you have an existing website or will Register and host the website yourself) Cost=N40,000

2. Hosted Reseller Package(we will Register the domain and host the website for you) Cost=N50,000

Whichever Package you choose, you are sure to get the best and the same features/support.

NB: Set up Time for the Non-Hosted Package is 10mins.
While the Hosted Reseller takes 1 Week.


How to Order

  • Step 1: Text ‘Set Up My Portal’ to 07036654539″
  • Step 2: Head straight to the bank and pay the exact amount for the category of your choice

Bank Details

Bank Name: GT Bank
Account Name: O-ONE CONCEPTZ
ACCOUNT NUMBER: 0131851833
After payment text us your payment to 07036654539‘ or email us via ask@o-oneconceptz.com.

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